About Institution

The City of Zrenjanin is a local community which defined its nature protection as one of its environmental priorities by its Local Environmental Action Plan from 2003 and Strategy of Sustainable Development from 2005 and in 2014.

The mission of the institution "Nature Reserves" Zrenjanin is to protect, conserve, sustainably use and promote protected areas in the territory of the city of Zrenjanin. The institution accomplishes its mission by cooperating with users of protected areas, citizens' associations, public companies and institutions, as well as competent state institutions.

The following organizational units are organized in the institution:

  • Department of Common and Financial Affairs
  • Department for the Protection and Sustainable Development of Natural Areas, with two sections:
    • Ranger Section (Eco Ranger and Fishery Protection)
    • Section of the “Begejska petlja” Unit

 The institution employs 20 executives with completed basic studies, master studies and doctors of science, biologists, chemists, forestry engineers, jurist, economists, etc. The Ranger Section of the institution has 6 executors. There are 5 SUVs and 5 boats, communication equipment, thermovision camera, drone, Tisa facility, microbiological and chemical laboratory and other equipment. The institution has experience in the implementation of scientific and cross-border cooperation projects.

Institution preserves and protect:

  • Special rezervation of nature „Wetlands of the Lower Tisa“ 1. category
  • Park of nature „Rusanda“ 2. category
  • Monuments of nature „Županijski park“, „Beli dud u Belom Blatu“ and „Hrast lužnjak u Zrenjaninu“ 3. category
  • Fishery area in Special rezervation of nature „Wetlands of the Lower Tisa“

Special rezervation of nature „Wetlands of the Lower Tisa“

Park of nature „Rusanda“

Physicochemical laboratory

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